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  • Professional MC/ host at Weddings, opening, launches, signing and Seminars.
  • Proficient in Myanmar, English and Chinese
  • More than 25 years experience in MC field and coaching young and budding MC/hosts.
  • Sound/voice acting in TV and radio commercials, TV series, company and business profiles
  • A welknown vocalist in Chinese Pop music

本人 唐琳琳, 畢業於緬甸仰光大學 英文系,碩士學位。精通 緬、中、英 三國語言。多年來一直從事婚禮,晚宴;公司企業的各類型商業活動,會議;及各大型國際會議的司儀和主持,並有着豐富的經驗。在不同的活動性質,地點和塲合均能駕輕就熟。本人也參與電視的配音工作。

Sound Acting by Mya Yadana Moe

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